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This article covers common questions that new users to Seeq often have when learning about the system.


If you still have questions after reading this article, please contact Seeq at for more information and/or clarification. 


No customer data, such as historian data, asset names, or Seeq search results, are outside your network. The reasons why Seeq will transmit other information over the internet are listed below.  For all of these, any transmitted data is anonymized and you have complete control over this via the Launch Seeq dialog.   

  • Seeq Server will check for updates periodically to notify you if an update is available. You can choose whether or not to update. 

  • Through an interactive process you can push log files to Seeq to help address a problem. 

  • Seeq, at your option, sends usage telemetry for research purposes. We use this to improve Seeq and would appreciate your participation in this valuable feedback mechanism. If you wish to withdraw participation, check out this article.

How is Seeq licensed? 

Seeq uses subscription-based licenses that are locked to the machine where the server resides.