Viewing Logs and Sending Log Files to Seeq


Sending Server Logs

Server logs can be uploaded to Seeq from the Seeq application or via the Support Portal.

If you are troubleshooting connectors, consider reading the General Troubleshooting of Connectors article.


Sending Server Logs from Seeq

  1. Log into the Seeq application.

  2. Click on the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of Seeq.

  3. Select View Logs. A new browser tab will appear with various Seeq components across the top.


  4. Click on Send/Download Logs.


  5. Enter your name, email, and a short description and press "Send".

If the "Send" operation fails, you will be notified. You can instead click "Download Logs" and Seeq will create a ZIP file that you can upload to the following site:

Sending Server Logs from the Support Portal

  1. On the Seeq website,, hover over RESOURCES in the upper right corner and select SUPPORT.  You will be taken to the Seeq Customer Success Center.

2.  From the Seeq Customer Success Center, there are two options for submitting logs:

  • If you do not have an account on the Seeq Customer Success Center, click on To Raise a Support Request, please go here: Seeq Support Portal  

    • Select Analytics Help

    • Enter the problem details. If you are providing logs for an existing support case, reference the SUP number in the Summary

    • Attach the Seeq logs

  • If you already have an account on the Seeq Customer Success Center, click Log in in the upper right corner

    • Enter your login credentials

    • Click on Requests in the upper right corner. Select to view your requests or all requests in your company

    • To add logs to an existing support case, select the support case and attach the logs

    • To create a new support case, click create new request. Enter the problem details and attach the Seeq logs

Registering on the Seeq Customer Success Center

Creating an account on the Seeq Customer Success Center allows you the convenience of being able to access your support cases from one location.  You can view the status of your cases, add updates and attachments to existing cases, and open new cases.  You also have the ability to view cases that have been opened by others in your company.

To create an account, do the following from the Seeq Customer Success Center:

  1. Click Log in in the upper right corner.

2. Select Sign up

3. Enter your email address

You will receive an email.  Click the Sign up link in the email to complete your registration.


Sending Usage Logs 

Usage logs may be requested by your Seeq Analytics Engineering team so that we can better understand which tools are being used and how future training sessions should be targeted. To send the usage logs, from the Seeq Server navigate to the location below and upload all files through the seeq support site

(The below assumes you've installed Seeq in the default location.  If not then navigate to whichever drive you put the Seeq "data" folder on in order to find the "usage" folder.)

1 C:\ProgramData\Seeq\data\usage

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