Formula:  Create a new signal or condition using simple math and a library of powerful functions.

Value Search:  Search for periods within signals that exceed specified thresholds, match digital states and meet other criteria.

Periodic Condition:  Create a condition of periodic intervals such as hours, days, weeks, and months.

Composite Condition:  Use simple logic to find periods where two conditions combine to represent a third condition.

Manual Condition:  Create a condition from existing capsules and dates/time ranges.

Manual Signal: Create a signal by manually entering timestamps and values.

Signal from Condition:  Transform a condition into a new signal using a statistic like average, maximum, minimum or totalize.

Scorecard Metric:  Create a table with statistics of signals and/or conditions that are color-coded according to thresholds.

Scatter Plot Selection:  Create a condition from a selected region on a scatter plot.

Histogram:  Aggregate a signal by y-value of another.

Digital Signal Filtering: Remove target frequency bands or oscillations from a signal using a Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, or Band Stop filter.

Signal Smoothing: Reduce high frequency noise from signals using one of five different filters: Seeq Agile, Savitsky-Golay (SG), Low Pass, Moving Average or Exponential.

Boundaries:  Configure a signal's boundaries so that a defined operating envelope or threshold can be used to detect and monitor a signal for deviations.

Profile Search: Establish a condition in a visual way by specifying a template pattern and desired similarity.

Reference Profile:  Characterize a signal's intended behavior (or its anomalous behavior) for purposes like statistical process control (SPC) and boundary definitions.

Prediction:  Predict a signal based on other correlated signals.

Import CSV File:  Import a CSV file as a new signal or condition.

Export to PowerPoint:  Export Worksheet(s) to a PowerPoint file.

Item Properties:  View an item's properties, such as its Formula or Maximum Interpolation.


Older Deprecated Tools

Low Pass Filter - Expanded functionality and renamed to Signal Smoothing

Custom Condition - Renamed to Manual Condition

Deviation Search  - Now part of the Value Search tool