Seeq Organizer

 Organizer Topics can be used to generate reports, dashboards, or LiveDocs. The Organizer Topic can be published to a PDF that contains live links back to View Only mode in Seeq, enabling any reader to view the data.

Creating a New Organizer Topic

Once content is developed in Workbench Analysis and ready to be published, create a new Organizer from the Seeq Home Page.

Inserting Seeq Content

Any Seeq content can be added to an Organizer Topic.

Adjusting Date/Time Ranges

Multiple date ranges can be configured in the Organizer Topic to update Seeq content without opening the linked Workbench Analyses. Create fixed-date reports or live updating documents for continuous monitoring.

Modifying Seeq Content

Edit and update Seeq Content after inserted in the Organizer Topic.

Publishing a PDF

Share your Organizer Topic with anyone by publishing a PDF with embedded Seeq content.

Scheduling Organizer Topic Documents

In version 49, users can schedule Organizer Topic updates. These updates can occur whether or not the Topic is open in a browser. 

Asset Selection in Organizer Topics