Installation Guide

Installing and Upgrading Seeq

How to: Update Remote Agent from Server

Backing up and Archiving the Seeq Database

The Seeq database contains data that should be protected from unintentional loss due to hardware failure or other circumstances.

Installation / Upgrade Troubleshooting

Connector Setup and Configuration

This section covers how to connect to historian and SQL datasources with Seeq's connector / agent approach.

Seeq Server Command Line Interface (CLI)

For on-premise installations of Seeq Server (not Seeq SaaS), a command line interface (CLI) is available that can perform administrative functions like starting, stopping and backing up the Seeq Server.

Migrating/Renaming Seeq Servers

Viewing Logs and Sending Log Files to Seeq

Viewing log files is often the first step in troubleshooting issues with Seeq. You can upload the log files to a Seeq hosted server and thus avoid issues with emailing large files.

Configuring Usage Telemetry

Seeq's "Telemetry" feature tracks usage of Seeq features to provide usage reports to customers and inform Seeq product development.

Installing a Remote Agent for Seeq SaaS